Sterling Silver Earrings

Contemporary silver earrings

Add contemporary flare to your jewelry collection with these chic sterling silver earrings。 Mix and match your pair of earrings with stylish sterling silver bracelets, rings, pendants and necklaces。 It’s easy to create a stunning jewelry ensemble with so many gorgeous sterling silver jewelry pieces to choose from。 We use sparkling diamonds, gems and elegant 18k gold to accent these elegant silver earrings。  All of these fabulous earrings were designed with a focus on high fashion without the high price of other comparable designer lines。

Choose your favorite sterling silver pair of earrings below. Or visit our entire Sterling Silver Jewelry collection to create an amazing sterling silver jewelry suite.

Gemologists on staff to help

Need help picking the perfect silver pair of earrings? We believe in giving you unmatched customer service. If you’re looking for jewelry advice or just have a few questions, Contact Us! We’re more than happy to help. Likewise, if you love one of these jewelry pieces, but need it customized, we can discuss your options.


Our work in Madagascar

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