5x3mm Chatham Lab-Grown Baguette Yellow Sapphire, Weighs .32-.40 Ct.

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Beautiful yellow with honey undertones, this Chatham Created Gems gem quality 5x3mm baguette lab-grown yellow sapphire weighs on average between .32-.40 Ct. Chatham yellow sapphires are high quality gemstones grown by the flux method in the same crystal habit as natural mined stones. They are not cheap flame-fusion stones. See more information and details below.

Looking for a special mounting for your Chatham yellow sapphire? Call us at 303-931-3141 to work with one of our personal design consultants to create the jewelry piece of your dreams. Our quality is superior, prices are competitive and finish is fabulous! You’ll be happy you called.


This Stunning 5x3mm Gem Quality Baguette Genuine Chatham Lab-Created Yellow Sapphire Weighs Between .32-.40 Ct. Individual stone weights may vary outside the average weight range, but the size measurements of the gemstone will be consistent.

Our Chatham Created Gems lab-grown yellow sapphires are real sapphires with the same chemical, physical and optical properties as their natural counterparts. They are grown by the flux method, which means they grow in the same crystal structure as natural mined stones. These beautiful lab-created yellow sapphires have gorgeous vivid yellow color. Gem quality means there are no inclusions visible to the naked eye. Comes with a small 4-color warranty card, which also certifies Chatham-brand authenticity.

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中财彩票注册Genuine Chatham-Created Gems


Comes with a small 4-color limited lifetime warranty card, which also certifies Chatham-brand authenticity。

Gem Quality

Chatham-Created Gems gemstones are gem quality, which means there are inclusions visible to the naked eye.

Weight Ranges

中财彩票注册Unlike diamonds, colored stones are cut to maximize color。 The beautiful color of Chatham-created gems is achieved by hand-cutting each individual stone to best maximize color, therefore there is some variance in the cutting depth, pavilion bulge etc。, which translates to a weight range。 Keep in mind, a heavier stone does mean the most beautiful stone。 Let us pick the most beautiful stone we have available for you。

Carat Weight

Carat is a measurement of weight, not size. All of the Chatham gemstones within a particular size and shape will have the physical measurements specified, ie. 7x5mm or 6x6mm. Due to different densities among gemstones, it's best to order a colored stone based on the physical mm size you need, not the carat weight. Ordering by carat weight creates confusion. For example, a 6.5mm round diamond is approximately 1 carat, but a 6.5mm round sapphire is approximately 1.45 carats. This carat weight difference is due to the different densities between sapphire and diamond. It's like comparing a 3-inch ball of lead to a 3-inch ball of Styrofoam. They are both the same size, but the lead is denser and therefore, heavier. Again, getting a heavier gem doesn't mean the most beautiful. Let us pick the most beautiful for you.


To offer you more selection, our orders ship directly from Chatham。 Chatham simply does not photograph each individual stone。 It takes sophisticated camera equipment and editing time to take photos that accurately capture the beauty and color of a gemstone。 Cell phone cameras do not accomplish this。 Likewise, monitor settings can affect how a stone looks from one computer to another。 The best way to judge the true beauty of a stone is to see it in person。 We promise to pick the prettiest stone available when you order。 If you need assistance, please call 970-535-4139 to speak to our gemologist。


Chatham yellow sapphires are generally available in a Medium tone, which is considered top color: nice medium yellow with slight orangish undertones and good light return. However, there are some limited quantities of Light and Dark hues as well. Please call us at 970-535-4139 to check availability if you prefer a Light or Dark hue. Light has some greenish undertones and will have more light return. Dark yellow will have some brownish undertones and less light return.


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