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We want to find the perfect diamond just for you。 So please give us as many details as possible by completing the form below。 Keep in mind, diamond prices fluctuate significantly for seemingly minor changes in quality。 Therefore, it’s important to give us a budget range to shoot for。 Our GIA Graduate Gemologist looks beyond the 4 Cs of Diamonds to try to find you the best option your money can buy。

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The 4 Cs of diamond

.96 ct. Lab-grown diamondAll of the Graduate Gemologists on staff were trained by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It is extremely important to use a reputable grading system whenlab-grown pink diamond communicating diamond grades. We believe in the integrity of the GIA diamond grading system. This is the grading scale we use to grade our natural diamonds. GIA’s diamond grading scale is widely accepted as the industry standard for grading diamonds, natural and lab-grown.

Please note, GIA certificates for lab-grown diamonds use the correct-but-confusing term “synthetic” instead of lab-grown. For this reason, the majority of lab-grown diamonds have lab-grading reports from the IGI: International Gemological Institute. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds grown in a laboratory. They are not fake simulants, like cz or other non-diamond colorless stones.

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